Practical Innovation for Healthcare IT

JVG Healthcare provides strategic advice and consultancy for early-stage digital health projects, focusing on product development, market analysis, and clinical informatics to enhance care efficiency and effectiveness.

Justin V. Graham, MD MS, is a seasoned innovator and former Chief Medical Officer with over 20 years of experience in clinical leadership and healthcare technology implementation. His expertise lies in designing digital tools and models that streamline healthcare delivery, elevate care quality, and ensure superior patient outcomes. Known for his product strategies and innovative approach, he adeptly turns early-stage ideas into successful digital health solutions.

Dr. Graham's recent roles include Head of Informatics and Clinical Strategy at Walmart’s Store No. 8, Chief Medical Officer at GYANT, and Medical Director in Anthem's Artificial Intelligence unit. He also served as Chief Innovation Officer at Hearst Health, leading the Hearst Health Innovation Lab for 6 years. Previously, Dr. Graham spent 6 years in Chief Medical Information Officer roles in a variety of provider settings.

Dr. Graham practiced medicine as a board-certified infectious diseases expert in the San Francisco Bay Area for 17 years. He holds a master’s in biomedical informatics from Stanford University, an MD from UC San Francisco, and a biochemistry degree from Harvard University.

For a detailed CV and references, please request. Explore more about Dr. Graham on his LinkedIn page.